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Home Services


At Mersaco Chemicals, we help companies grow; by offering advisory services in the field of strategy & business development.

Product Identification
We help companies identify products that bring synergy to the existing product portfolio or existing markets. In case the company has diversification plans, we help them identify new products & growth markets. The product is identified looking at the past & forecasted statistics of demand & growth.

Technology Transfer
In addition to the product identification & conceptualization of the project, for proper execution of the project, one of the most critical aspects is the technology. We study, evaluate various technologies & suggest the most appropriate one. We approach the various technology licensors, on behalf of our client, for licensing of technology or other collaboration as best suited by all the parties.  


With over 5 lakh chemicals used across different industries, customers in the west look up to the East & South East Asian markets for their optimum sourcing needs. Here, we address these needs by finding suppliers in India, China & other Asian countries.

To check the list of products we source for our customers, please visit PRODUCTS

If you require us to source a particular product for you, please write in to us at info@mersaco.co.in


Today, countries in the East especially India & China are high demand & growth markets, where the companies around the world wish to be. We act as the marketing agents for foreign companies & promote their product in India.

We also provide the Indian manufacturers with access to the various export markets for their products through our associates in various countries.

Technology is one of the most critical factors for any production activity but in the chemical industry it assumes a special place. With constant efforts on the R&D side, there are new benchmarks set which would modify, redefine the manufacturing process in terms of product yield or product quality or new chemistry or similar chemistry with renewable source of raw materials.

We market technologies for various products, on behalf of the IP owner, & make them available to the companies in India.